A dream day in Martinique

Catamaran Bwa Drese


The 3 stages

Îlet Madame

With its paradisiacal beach

Îlet Chancel

Its fauna, its flora and its history

Rum baptism

At the Trapèze bathtub


Bwa Drésé


Wood Drese






Years of experience

Wood Drese


A day in paradise

Get out of the ordinary from your daily life, to live an extraordinary and unforgettable experience on the fabulous Wood Drese Catamaran for a day.

An unforgettable trip

As soon as you arrive, immerse yourself in the universe of an unforgettable day, where the friendliness, the sun and the turquoise waters of Martinique will take you to paradise.

Culinary discoveries

Meals & 100% Creole drinks. Accredited culinary workshops of cod and coconut or guava sorbet. Guarantee without seasickness!


Our blog

Le Robert

Le Robert

Le Robert's Bay is an almost enclosed body of water 6.5 km long and 3.5 km wide on the east coast of Martinique.The commune of Le Robert, whose inhabitants were originally farmers and fishermen, is today oriented towards its bay with a double interest: organictourist...

Chancel Islet and its iguanas

Chancel Islet and its iguanas

The Chancel islet is one of the ten islets located next to the town called Le Robert. Apart from the Loup Garou (warewolf) islet, it is the biggest islet in Martinique, the farthest North in Le Robert’s bay, and the second most visited after Madame islet. Located on...

Martinique, ocean blue color

Martinique, ocean blue color

ESCAPE IN THE CARIBBEAN SEA Located in the French West Indies, Martinique is surrounded by the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean. You will find numerous dream beaches alongside the coasts. Bathing is pleasant all year round thanks to the warm weather. The white or...



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