Îlet Chancel

Îlet Chancel


Iguana Island

The Lesser Antilles iguana or “Peyi Iguana” is a fragile and protected species.
Critically endangered, it has been installed on Chancel islet with a view to facilitating reproduction .
It is an endemic species of the Lesser Antilles.

The Péyi iguana flourishes on Ilet Chancel, the largest islet in Martinique, 2 km long and 805 m wide.

A guided tour with our Captain will reveal the history of the islet and allow you to observe its famous Iguana Délicissima.


The 3 stages

Îlet Madame

With its paradisiacal beach

Îlet Chancel

Its fauna, its flora and its history

Rum baptism

At the Trapèze bathtub