Îlet madame

Îlet madame


L’Îlet Madame

L’Îlet Madame beach is a real natural beauty.
Its crystalline white and turquoise backgrounds will offer you a pleasant swim.

L’Îlet takes its name “Madame” from Madame du Parquet, wife of the Governor of Martinique Jacques du PARQUET in the 17th century.
This island was her privileged place of retirement.

The visit is strongly recommended, the tour of the islet is completed in a quarter of an hour!
A magnificent view of the ocean and a preserved natural environment will enhance this stopover.
Come to the island. ‘ilet Madame aboard the Bwa Drésé Catamaran.


The 3 stages

Îlet Madame

With its paradisiacal beach

Îlet Chancel

Its fauna, its flora and its history

Baptism of rum

At the Trapèze bathtub