Le Robert’s Bay is an almost enclosed body of water 6.5 km long and 3.5 km wide on the east coast of Martinique.

The commune of Le Robert, whose inhabitants were originally farmers and fishermen, is today oriented towards its bay with a double interest:

  1. organic
  2. tourist

Le Robert’s Bay is a biological wonderland. A must-see if you love nature. You will see it with your own eyes:

  • coral reefs
  • reefs
  • mangroves and sea grass beds
  • white backgrounds
  • rare animals and flora
  • historical remains

  But above all, breathtakingly beautiful places and viewpoints.

In 1660, there were still Caribbean Indians in the town of Le Robert. Today, the 23715 robertins are honouring Mother Nature by protecting their Bay to keep it as natural as possible while providing economic opportunities.

Le Robert’s Bay with your family Le Robert’s Bay is a safe stretch of water with 10 islets, some of which are easily accessible with “Ticanots” boats without a licence. This large cove is well protected and there are only weak currents running through it.

Ticanots offers its clients tours tours in Le Robert’s Bay n which they keep a constant watch.

Ideal conditions to visit Le Robert’s Bay with your family, whether or not you have any knowledge or experience of boating!


Ti Canots GPS tour Magnificent islets, beaches and white bottoms (sandy area with very shallow water) will reveal themselves to you during this discovery. Coral reefs are also numerous in the Bay, creating areas where navigation is impossible (not enough depth).

In order to ensure a safe navigation, the navigation is done with the assistance of a GPS following the circuit below.

1- Crossing Le Robert’s Bay by motorboat (it is safer, faster and more comfortable)

From Sable Blanc (South Point of Le Robert’s Bay): you will cross the Bay then go around the islets A Eau and Au rat Ilet à Eau

2- Welcome to Chancel Islet!

You will land on the Chancel Islet and you will discover:

  • Iguanas (iguana delicatissima), a protected species endemic to the Lesser Antilles. These iguanas are very rarely found in Martinique, except at Chancel Islet, where they benefit from optimal protection thanks to the isolation of the site and a specially designed nesting site.
  • vestiges, traces of the rich past sugar activity of Le Robert: you will see here several ruins: a pottery kiln, a dungeon, a lime kiln, a well or a bread oven; some of these vestiges are classified as historical monuments in the French heritage

Archaeological site, Chancel Islet Martinique

3- You will enjoy the magnificent beach of the Trapèze

White bottom, Le Robert’s Bay 3. You will then head towards the white bottom and the Trapeze beach for a swim in crystal clear and shallow waters.

4- You won’t leave without visiting the Madame’s Islet, will you?

Following the La Grotte Islet, you leave to cross the bay again, the next step will take you to the Madame Islet and its white bottom. Here you will find:

  • carbets with tables and benches sheltered from the sun
  • a small path to go around the Islet and discover magical viewpoints
  • a beach and a white background
  • a spot for snorkelling

madame islet

A walk to do in half a day or a day

Le Robert’s Bay boat trip The whole tour can be done on a half or full day.

  1. Over half a day you will be able to get an overview of the whole Bay but the time spent on site will be limited.
  2. If you wish to enjoy the beaches and the white backgrounds and have a picnic on the islets, we advise you to opt for the day package.